Group Classes

Students are been grouped into different levels like Absolute Beginner , Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced based on their playing strength, weekly four hours of class is scheduled with two hrs of lecture and two hrs of activity class, further to this we also inculcate students to work on chess individually at home by giving home works and following it up.

Personalized Coaching

The trainer along with the student develops an individualized curriculum based on the playing style and learning preferences the student. Here student and trainer work very closely and evaluation takes places on a regular basis, the student can decide on the hours of class per week and we will assist in deriving to an exact schedule and curriculum.

Featured Classes


This level will help a child to master fundamentals of game – a ‘Building Block’. The basics covered in this level of chess course are:

  • Introduction to the Game of Chess
  • Nature of the Game
  • Origin & Colourful History of the Game
  • Chessboard & Chessmen
  • Rules for Moving & Capturing
  • Chess Notations
  • Special Chess Moves in Castling & En-Passant
  • What is a Check?
  • Principles to get the King out of Check
  • Values of Forces
  • Checkmate


This module for Advanced Beginners covers the following: Training Chapters

  • Elementary Checkmate with Two Rooks
  • Elementary Checkmates with a Queen
  • Art of Delivering Checkmate in One move
  • Developing Technique to win when having large material advantage
  • Learning to Exchange Correctly
  • Basics of Opening Strategy
  • Common Checkmating Ideas


The start of the module will also see students being encouraged to the fascinating world of ‘Chess Tournaments’! This module covers the following: Training Chapters

  • Elementary Checkmate with 1 Rook
  • Elementary Checkmate with Double Bishops
  • Introduction to Chess Tactics & Art of Combining Pieces
  • Pin
  • Knight Fork
  • Double Attack
  • Skewer Attack
  • Back Rank
  • Discovered Attack
  • Discovered Check
  • Destroying the Defender


In this module the students would be introduced to the world of ‘Chess Endings’. It will cover Basic Endings which a player needs to know: We will also aim for students to get FIDE Rating by encouraging to participate in official tournaments.

  • The Concept of Opposition
  • Rule of the Square
  • King & Pawn Endings
  • Queen v/s Pawn
  • Knight v/s Pawn
  • Rook v/s Pawn
  • Queen v/s Rook
  • Fundamentals of Rook Endings


This module will cover Advanced Tactics & Elementary Checkmates as under:

  • Elementary Checkmate Bishop & Knight
  • Checkmating Patterns
  • Introduction to Chess Tactics & Art of Combining Pieces
  • Decoy
  • Deflection
  • Overloaded Piece
  • Line Opening & Closing
  • Square Vacation
  • Passed Pawn
  • Zwischenzug
  • Drawing Combinations
  • X-Ray Attack
  • Windmills


This is the final training module of Master Chess Academy wherein we will aim students to excel at State, National & International Chess Tournaments